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Linking Ring - October 2001 Cover Story about Moe
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The Mystery of MOE’S MIRACLES and

This I hope will put to bed the mystery, the confusion and the misinterpretation, etc. of the ten tricks originated bearing these titles. I will try to put this in some kind of order over about 70 years.

There is one document I have never seen, that is Miesel and Busby's list on page 47 of their 58-page manuscript of "Moe and his Miracles with Cards". This document refers to a 1930 version that I maintain is a false, fake paper as it listed only one of the ten tricks existed in that year.

The others using the descriptive titles had never existed until the year 1932. It was after that years conventions, Frank Lane and I finalized the titles descriptive wording etc., and I refused to go along with any thing pertaining to sales. My reason for the refusal was due to some negative remarks that I was selling tricks that nobody else but I could do. Frank then proceeded to publish his own version that I have never seen.

I believe the only other time I sold another trick was in 1933 when I sold the triple sympathy. The explanation was much easier to explain. Now back to the subject. Busby's other reason was to cover the footnote at the bottom of that page that reads "The front cover of the original Moe's Manuscript as issued by Arthur Johnston, circa 1930 (Jeff Busby collection)".

The next two releases of a publication of the ten tricks is where the confusion really gets complicated. This I can state is my latest opinion and therefore may not be 100% accurate. Here another title enters the dilemma "Moe's Manuscript $5.00".

Now we go to the year 1950 and we come to two more versions, one by Lew Harmon and the other by Dodson. This created even more confusion than before. This is when, in my opinion, Miesel decided to adopt the title of "Moe's Miracles" to fit the title inserted by Harmon 36 years before he released the 58-page "Moe and his Miracles with Cards".

Next we come to the Dodson version. He apparently merely added a page and called it "Improvement on Moe's Card Trick. Now for the real mystery. Each of these Dodson and Harmon typewritten sheets were done on the same typewriter. This makes me believe they could be copies of my originals that were lost prior to that time. (I wonder if a police expert could prove the real date.)

At any rate I personally I never received any payment from any of the publishers or writers of Johnston, Lane, Dodson, Harmon, Yohe, Miesel or Busby for any of these versions. I must add this: the tricks must have made a good investment for the buyer to survive this chain of events.

And now, bear with me, as the conclusion really deserves the first prize.

Busby 15 years ago issued a full-page document in the September 1986 Linking Ring, praising Miesel for writing the manuscript just released June of 1986 called "Moe and His Miracles with Cards".

That article contains just one more of Moe’s miracles that must be explained to Moe (pages 99-100). (I learned about this about a month ago after the October 2001 Linking Ring came out.)

I will quote the statement that reads: "Most of the exposure we got to his methodology was from a badly done and apparently unauthorized manuscript, "Moe’s Miracles". How does he get the nerve to make such a statement?  I agree that everyone has such a right, but if he wanted to make that statement it should have appeared in his 58-page document in the first place so his buyers could see it.

Frank Lane or Arthur Johnson or both may be responsible for the document that says I am the author of Moe’s $5.00 Manuscript or Moe’s Miracles.  I do know the document reads: Author Moe Seidenstein, published 193? (The year was 1932 and there has never been any doubt about it.)

I know the establishment that sent me the original document would never be disputed for granting me the right to reproduce the tricks and they will have any one requesting any data about this referred to me.


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Linking Ring - October 2001 Cover Story about Moe



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