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Moe's Magic: Look at a Card!!!


The following excerpt is from MagicTricks.com:

Who's Who In Magic: Moe (b.1909)

Born Morris Seidenstein, he was very well known among magicians in the 1920's and 1930's For his baffling and unique card effects. His two most famous effects, Moe's "Look At a Card" and Moe's "Move A Card", were based on his extraordinary memory skills which made the incredible card locations seem like miracles, hence the name "Moe's Miracles". Moe is still an active magician today at age 92.

Moe's Background:
At this time of my life I would like to take this opportunity to clarify what is known about the so-called "Moe's Miracles" in magic.

A wonderful manuscript was written about me entitled "Moe and His Miracles With Cards". This is a 58-page document written about me more than 50 years after my so-called fame. I consider this period of my life to be my "15 minutes of fame" that they say everyone has in a lifetime.

The publication covers the time period of approximately 1929 to 1934. I understand that the primary author, William Meisel and his 7 contributors took some five or six years to research publications such as "The Sphinx" and "The Linking Ring" as well as other sources for the information contained in this manuscript.

This was originally published in 1986 although I never saw or heard of it until about 1997, some 11 years after its initial publication date.

At this time I would like to thank the entire group for the wonderful words they wrote about me. You can imagine how I felt when I first saw this and how thrilled I was when I was given a copy to keep. After I hurriedly read through it, I was so happy I could tell everybody who I was some 70 years ago, and then prove it to them!!

In my early days of being involved in magic at numerous conventions no one ever could believe some of the abilities I apparently possessed. After a few short years of not being able to have magicians understand my memory processes, I realized that many people did not understand what today is thought of and referred to as "estimation".

In the manuscript I am credited as a "pioneer" in estimation. Actually, I have what is better referred to as a phenomenal memory, often called a "photographic" memory.

William Meisel, T. Nelson Downs, P. Howard Lyons and numerous others made favorable comments about my abilities in using my special gift of well-developed memory. The point I want to bring out here to magicians is that this manuscript was written many years before I knew of the term now in common use of "estimation".

As this web site develops, I'd also like to clarify several things about how I actually performed what are termed "Moe's Miracles".

Pleas come back and join me again soon!


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Linking Ring - October 2001 Cover Story about Moe



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