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Linking Ring - October 2001 Cover Story about Moe
Linking Ring - July 2003 Story: Moe's "Broken Wand"

From the July, 2003  Linking Ring's "Broken Wand" Section


The Old and the New:
Above, from the July, 2003
 Linking Ring: David Sandy
2003 - 2004
International President

Left, from the October, 2001
Linking Ring: MOE
Clean from Pittsburgh



Morris "Moe from Pittsburgh" Seidenstein, 94, died April 24, 2003. He was an early I.B.M. and S.A.M. member. Moe, also known as "Moe Clean from Pittsburgh" bedeviled I.B.M. members in the late 1920's and early 30's with his devious estimation miracles with a deck of cards. After Winning prizes for his creations at a couple of I.B.M. Conventions, he moved to New York City and vanished into earning a living.

In 1986, William P. "Bill" Misel, with Jeff Busby and P. Howard Lyons, wrote “Moe and His Miracles with Cards” attempting to recreate and explain Moe's card work. Miesel had made an extensive search of the New Jersey area where Moe had last been heard from to no avail. A search on the Internet in 1997 by Bill Kalush, an avid card expert and magic historian located Bruce Seidenstein in Florida, Moe's son, who informed him that Moe was still alive and well, living in Long Island, New York.

We contacted him through the auspices of Mark Mitten with the result that Moe was the subject of an October 2001 Linking Ring cover story basically written by himself. We urge you to check it out. Moe was a truly exceptional man and we're truly sorry to lose him for the second time.

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Linking Ring - October 2001 Cover Story about Moe



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